A whimsical brand that is sure to add a pop of color in your life.

POP is not your average artist’s store. Like Keith Haring’s artworks, POP uses quirky, bold, and colorful visual design language to set itself apart from existing artist’s supply brands.

Preface: "Do something fun!"

POP emerged from a project aimed to curb our visual design language. Prior to this stage of exercise was a research and analysis phase of a well-established existing brand to warm us up for the real deal: design and set the visual design language of your own brand in a specific market - any brand! I wasn't sure on what kind market my brand would belong until our professor told the class to "do something fun."

Well, as an artist-designer, what could be more Intriguing than branding my own supply store?

My muse Keith Haring

I noticed that a lot of existing brands in the market utilized classical artists as their marketing assets (E.G. Da Vinci Artist Brushes, Rembrandt Artist's Oil Paint, etc.), but they didn't speak to what I wanted my brand to stand for. I was drawn to the idea of a whimsical brand that was like no other; and it was only a matter of time before I chose Keith Haring - one of my favorite artists - to be the thematic muse for my brand for his amusing and unconventional style that defined him as the icon of his era.

And with Haring's works (and lifestyle) as my inspiration, I extrapolated these three adjectives that were to drive my design decisions: bold, quirky, and colorful.


Teasing out the details.

To find the specific visual design qualities that communicated my brand's three defining adjectives, I put together a collection of bold, quirky, and/or colorful images and analyzed their visual attributes.

Form Icon: putting the design language together

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.39.47 PM.png

The details pulled out from the analysis were then thrown and mixed together to iterate the possible manifestation of the form icon, which were to act as a physical "visual guide" that clearly represent the visual design language of the brand.

The first pass of sketches delved on the abstraction, sculptural take of the form icon, derived from the dynamic movements of "quirky" sculptures. Second pass of sketches focused to be more defined and product-like, suggesting the shape of a stylus or the handle of a brush, in order to correlate to the concept of the brand's identity as a artist's supply store. However, it was kept abstract enough to not be an actual product, but exist as a visual guide for "possible" products. The the final pass of sketches encompassed exploring different texture options to integrate a special "cherry on top" that captured the idea of quickness and boldness.


Final Icon

The final form icon for POP is manifested through the visual design language in three main areas: form, color, and texture.


Developing the Logo

The name POP was assigned for my brand because of the word's imageries that are suitable for the three adjectives that sustain my brand. In developing the logo, a thick font was chosen for the obvious boldness as well as the retro vibe that is reminiscent of the common design style in the Pop Art era, where Haring thrived. Once the main typeface was chosen, components were added and subtracted until I reached a point that best represent my brand's visual qualities.


POP in Context

Where does POP's visual design langauge stand in the market?

When compared to other brands, POP possesses a distinctive personality that makes itself stand out amongst others.


Branded Form Project

Fall 2016 | Georgia Institute of Technology